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Marketing Highlights

  • Well-established readership, serving the industry over 9 years
  • Global circulation of 30,000+ 
  • Weekly distribution
  • Featuring curated news and information from IPC
  • Several ad types to choose from
  • Discounted rates for IPC members

Readership Highlights

    Reach 30,000+ designers, board manufacturers, assembly companies, suppliers and original equipment manufacturers weekly. Delivered to the inboxes of subscribers, IPC Global Insight tackles today’s most relevant stories and keeps professionals informed of the topics that matter most. Subscribers are decision-makers with purchasing power—the top-tier experts in the industry.

Four Ad Types

  • Leaderboard: 580x150 banner linked to page of your choice (top one and two positions)
  • Jumbotron Ad: 580x400 banner linked to page of your choice
  • Text Ad: 580x400—Headline (65 characters), plus 950-character (max.) text, no images and linked to page of your choice
  • Flex Content Ad: 580x150 banner linked to page of your choice, and your choice of one of the following:
      A. Feature Text:
      Headline (70 characters) plus description (340 characters), linked to page of your choice. Showcase new product, video, educational text, etc).

      B. Direct Links:
      Four (4) stacked links each containing up to 135 characters.

Ad Rates

  • Ads are sold on an annual basis at a weekly rate of $350
  • IPC member discount rate: $262


  • All ad positions are sold on a first come, first served basis. If an ad space in a higher page position becomes available, all ads are moved up on the page to fill the space.

Publish Schedule

  • IPC Global Insight is published every Tuesday. Publish day modified to accommodate holidays.


  • Annual ad contracts billed quarterly
  • Annual prepayment discounts are available
  • Active IPC members receive a 25% discount on published rates

Ad Type Examples

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